This training will increase customer loyalty, satisfaction & business for you
Training Objective:
It is always important to adopt the concept that ‘Customer is King’ even though in real life they can be very wrong. In business environment today, staffs are not only serving people. They have no choice but to serve customers well. This means we give customers NO chance to complain and bad mouth about the company’s sevices or its staff.

The objectives of this training are to establish excellent customer care culture; develop good working attitudes and personal etiquettes, effective telephone techniques, and to improve communications with internal and external customers.

Why “World Class Customer Service”?
Customers give you business, If you don’t take care of them well, your competitors would be glad to do so. You can’t affort to lose anyone of them.

With this program, your customers will not only be happy, but refer businesses to you.

Who Should Attend?
Everybody in your organisation, from top to bottom


  • Thinking right at work
  • UNLEASH your potential at work
  • 6 steps on how to discharge negative feelings / thoughts
  • Staying at peak performance at work


  • Establishing rapport – how to get a prospect feel like a friend
  • Getting to know people in very short time
  • Enlighten a conversation and keeping it alive
  • 6 steps on how to communicate effectively to anyone


  • Managing personal problems at home and at work
  • Managing the emotions of difficult customers
  • How to coach others
  • How to manage your team’s emotion


  • Excellent Customer Service – Your personal choice
  • Benefits of Quality Customer Service to you and your organisation
  • Positive Work Attitude and Culture
  • Understanding four (4) different types of customers
  • Understanding customers’ behaviour, needs and expectations


  • Serving your customers right the first time
  • Turning dissatisfied customers into loyal and happy customers
  • Handling angry, awkward and unreasonable customers
  • Working on customers’ feedback and evaluation
  • Presentation by facilitator
  • Role Plays
  • Participants’ Participation
  • Sharing by fellow participants
  • Games And Debrief
  • Group Discussion

We expect all participants who will attend this programme will be able to display NEW outlook and world class attitude towards the customers at Red Tone.

As a result of the training, staff will think, act and perform World Class Customer Service where expectations from all customers MUST be met consistently.

“Saya boleh memahami keperluan pelanggan dan menjadi lebih berkeyakinan bila berhadapan dengan pelanggan. Program ini perlu dilaksanakan lagi untuk staf yang lain kerana ia memberi pengajaran yang bermakna”.

Juliab Binti Hassan Basri, Unit Khidmat Pelanggan, PMK KLIA, Pos Malaysia

“Saya belajar mengenali diri dan orang lian, cara-cara menghadapi pelanggan dan memahami sikap ketua. Program ini bagus dan amat berguna dalam kerjaya dan hidup”.

Khairil Zaidah Binti Zainal Abidin, Kerani – Sumber Manusia, Pos Malaysia

“I learn how to handle customers. I want to appreciate this because it teaches me new ways to communicate and give excellent services to the customer”.

Mohd Fairuz Bin Masbor, Unit Posmel , Pos Malaysia

“I learnt about commitment, habit, and action to take non judgement giving. This program is good because I can handle customers’ requests in a smart way that can benefit the company’s quality”.

Shahrizam Bin Saleh, Posmen, Pos Malaysia

“I like the part where I learnt how to build rapport, relationship, leadership skills which are very much needed in my work to manage customers”.

Lee Kwang Hee, Senior Manager of Reprographic Business Machine (S) Sdn Bhd

“After attending the program, I realized that world class customer service is important at work and in life. I start to see how to be useful in serving others the best way I can”.

Teng King Ping, Senior Sales Executive, Reprographic Business Machine (S) Sdn Bhd

“Very perfect program to motivate staff, to become productive and to become potential staff.”

Boniface Uloi Merang, Sarawak Energy Berhad

“The program teaches us how to handle the different types of human character and also ourself.”

Rebecca Rosri, Sarawak Energy Berhad