Proven to create a strong & dynamic organisation with sense of belonging

Objective of Training:
Normally people work in small groups that seem to have common goals. Every member of the group has their own aspirations, skills and attitude towards their tasks. Due to the differences in educational background, mindset, values, races and culture, therefore people are reluctant to give their full support and cooperation to their peers.

MASTERMIND TEAM BUILDING PROGRAM aim to unite the employees and to become ONE HAPPY TEAM at work. They will learn to solve problems at work together and synergistically.


  • Closer relationship among staff
  • Better Communication across functions
  • Better teamwork spirit and culture of One family
  • Less people problem & stress at work
  • Become more tolerant with everyone
  • Happier & healtier working environment

Who Should Attend?
Everybody in your organisation, from top to bottom


  • Why must people work in team?
  • The benefits and synergy of Dynamic Team Building among departments
  • What is a Dynamic Team?
  • Why ‘Trust’ and Accountability is important to create Dynamic Team Building?
  • Create the culture of Trust and how to win the trust of others


  • Why transparent and prompt communication, positive attitude, leadership and cooperation is a MUST to team success
  • Find out how to work together in harmony with everyone


  • What are the key CRITERIA and characteristics for Dynamic Team Building?
  • The concept of dynamic team
  • How to be a dynamic team?
  • Creating a winning culture for your organisation.


  • The NEW COMMITMENT PLAN for all members to create a new team
  • “I promise” action plan for all members
  • Leadership in action to create one strong organisation

The MASTERMIND TEAM BUILDING PROGRAM is designed and based on the experiential learning model which incorporates lecture, games, reflection, debrief, discussion, sharing, group presentation, interactive participation, learning points note taking and work related problem solving situations. This powerful combination of total learning model will impact participants to develop important TEAMWORK concepts and ideas and applied in their work instantly.

  • Presentation by facilitator
  • Role Plays
  • Participants’ Participation
  • Sharing by fellow participants
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Games And Debrief
  • Group Discussion
  • PowerPoint Presentation

At the end of the program and through experiential learning and smartly designed activities, the participants will be able to:

  • Eliminate self-centeredness at work and be willing to work as a team
  • Willing to support and work together to produce new results
  • Create the friendly and conducive team-working environment
  • Create positive and supportive team culture at work
  • Displaying powerful, positive outlook for life and work
  • Higher staff morale, peak performance, productivity and profitability (3Ps)

I learnt to better from today. I learnt that I must believe and act to achieve my goals. I learnt to be a leader. I learnt that we must share to get more. This programme is amazing. People should attend this programme to improve themselves to be better ea

Ninalyn Fridrict- UITM

I learnt that I must change my attitude or method of study in order to achieve excellent grades. It is a good seminar for me because it did change my mind and help me to improve the way I set my goals in order to finally acheive it.

Frascilla Nawai Ak Joseph Buchai – UITM

I learnt about powerful self image and how to handle and manage difficult employee. Building trust with each other at work is important. This programme taught me to know people skills and how to handle people.

Jacqueline Law-Account Executive-Inter-Continnental Travel Centre Sdn Bhd

Perubahan sangat ketara, belajar sambil berjenaka. Program ini dapat membuat peserta berminat dari aspek disiplin, kemahuan untuk Berjaya. Diharap kita dapat menghadiri program sebegini lagi. Saya berasa lebih yakin sekarang.

Zulfiandie, Inter-Continnental Travel Centre Sdn Bhd

I will be more responsible in my profession and my company. This has motivated me to be successful in life and my career.

Masri Bin Leni – Tour guide – CPH Travel

Working together in a team is fun. I got to know my colleagues better througth this program. This training helps me to understand people and how to deal with them at work.

Hannah Choo – Director of Sales – CPH Travel

I learnt how to communicate more with my colleagues and be more patient with them. I can now know how to work in team and be a better supervisor.

Chua Peng Hee, Supervisor – CPH Travel

“Very useful and life inspiring.”

Desmond Ee Pei Lian, SESCO

“Very interesting & attracting and also practical to work.”

Lee Boon Chiaw, SESCO

“It is an excellent programme by the way the training is being carried out.”

Helen Khoo, SESCO