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Welcome to Mastermind Training International



Who We Are

Mastermind Training International Sdn Bhd was set up by Jackson Ng and his partners in 2001 in Kuching, Sarawak. Mastermind Training International Sdn Bhd is registered with the Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR) and has been awarded as "Class A" training provider since 2001 by Human Resources Development Council. Mastermind envision to be the preferred training partner to any organization across industries and together with a team of experienced trainers, speakers and respective industry practitioners, we are confident that we are able to increase productivity, performance and profitability in all organization.
In Mastermind, we take pride in ensuring client’s satisfaction and hence all training delivered are matched to the learning needs of the clients.
After 15 years in the training industry, a with a team of highly experienced practitioners, trainers and speakers with us, we are able to cater many different training needs for almost all industries

What We Do

Mastermind Training International is committed to bring your human capital development to the next level by :

1) Provide client with an analysis and diagnosis of their challenges, issues, expectations and problems
2) Develop and design the right training modules in accordance to the client’s needs
3) Deliver the training solution in the most engaging and effective way to the organization
4) Where requested, assist clients in measuring results after training

In Mastermind, we believe in PEAS—Practical, Engaging, Applicable and Simple in terms of training delivery as training can only be considered as a successful investment when the knowledge shared is manifested in the behaviour of the participants, in and out of the workplace.